Quality Management is essential for every project

As a world-class manufacturing company adhering to the quality standard, Omnidex Laser follows a series of strict Quality Management procedures to ensure the quality of our services.

Our Quality Management System

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated in every stage of our production:

Our in-house professional engineers, project management and QA specialists are responsible for setting the Quality Objectives and QA specifications for the project. All details on the project are documented for future references.

Our dedicated Project Management Team

We always carry out a pre-order evaluation to ensure we have adequate resources to achieve our Quality Objectives. We may also conduct evaluation on sub-contracting suppliers involved in any aspect of our projects.

Our dedicated Project Management Team

Our Production and QA specialists are responsible for supervising the production line and preventing potential quality issues. Properties of initial production samples are measured against the Quality Specifications with designated QC tools, then necessary adjustments are made accordingly.

Roughness Test Equipment

QC Inspections are carried out during production to ensure there are no defects in parts and components. Our production line can quickly adjust to mitigate the problem.

QC Inspections

After the product has been manufactured, we will carry out the final QC sampling. Our QC team will inspect a sample quantity or the entire batch of the finished product depending on your requirements.

Vibration Packaging Tester

The Omnidex Laser team is committed to provide machining and manufacturing services with no compromise, and we are constantly pushing forward our quality objectives to meet and even exceed your expectations.

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