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Press brake folding machines are used for sheet metal bending at a specified angle and shape to form a functional piece. Precision metal folding often requires specialized equipment such as CNC hydraulic press brakes to get the job done. Nowadays, CNC technology allows better precision and control over the metal shaping process. To get the optimal result for your sheet metal folding products, you will need an experienced team with adequate equipment, and Omnidex Laser can provide exactly what you need. | metal bending
Metal Folding with Press Brake Machine | Meal Laser cutting service uk Scotland| Omnidex Laser

Setting our 4.2m wide press brake machine to fold highly intricate parts

Sheet Metal Folding & Metal Bending Services | Our 4.2m metal fold press brake machine in action| Omnidex Laser Scotland UK

Our 4.2m metal fold press brake machine in action

3.6m Galvanized steel plate, cut and folded

3.6m Galvanized steel plate, cut and folded

State-of-the-art CNC Press Brake Folding Technology

Omnidex Laser is equipped with the Amada HFE-M2 2204 press brake machine for precision sheet metal folding. The HFE-M2 is the defining standalone model from the worldwide leading metal machinery manufacturer Amada. It features seven controlled axes and a beam length of 4230mm, delivering up to 2200kN of pressing power for folding steel sheet. The machine’s digitalized tools and automated functions offers superior precision and reliability at metal bending compare to traditional manual Press Brake. For more technical specification, please refer to Specification section below.

Metal Forming Amada Machine
Omnidex Laser Scotland- Amada-HFE-M2-Machine Bending Process

UK Quality Metal Bending and Folding Solution

Omnidex Laser is one of the few Full-Service Manufacturing companies offering Metal Folding, Metal Bending and other Metal Profiling solutions in the Scottish region. You can enjoy UK quality products with faster turnaround time, while also take advantage of our offshore manufacturing capabilities.

Check out our metal folding performance video: ​

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Specification of the Amada HFE M2 2204 7 Axis Hydraulic Press Brake

Feature highlights of the Amada HS 2204 Press brake

The Amada M2 operates with maximum efficiency at all stages of the machine cycle, offering increased reliability while lowering your machining costs.

The Digipro system is a highly accurate electronic measuring system wirelessly connected to the Amada M2 Press Brake operating system, which allows real-time automatic angle control, eliminating any error during operation. 

The Amada M2 is easy and intuitive to use, minimizing errors and misconfigurations.

Amada’s back gauge design ensures the highest precision and reliability with increased folding capabilities when bending asymmetrical parts.

Our Amada Press Brake system is based on the principle of parallel deformation of the upper and lower beams, which can deliver consistent results over the entire bend length with any force applied.

The Amada M2 is equipped with a full laser light curtain for increased operator safety.

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