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Led by highly experienced manufacturing engineers and industry veterans, the Omnidex laser metal cutting team is dedicated to supporting businesses and manufacturing in Scotland and the rest of the UK, with a strong focus on the oil and gas sector.

Companies can take advantage of Omnidex Laser’s state-of-the-art precision metal cutting service and their omnichannel manufacturing capabilities supported by their globally distributed facilities and over 200 sub-contracting service providers, leading to faster project turnaround time and a better ROI.

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Omnidex Laser factory in Scotland and UK| offering metal cutting service | Full service contract manufacturing
Omnidex Laser Factory Facility in Dunfermline, Scotland
Laser Cutting Service Scotland and UK | Precision Metal Cutting | Omnidex Laser

Specialise in Metal Laser Cutting Service

Our metal laser cutting service facility is strategically located in Dunfermline, which means our Scottish engineers can provide a full range of Metal Cutting Services. Including a wide range of sheet steel metal cutting services with our advanced cutting technology including Metal Laser cutting machines, Plasma cutting and Oxy-fuel cutting Machines, CNC Metal Folding machines and more; with next day delivery capabilities.

From our engineering agency in Dunfermline, we are able to cover a wide area throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. Including key energy ports and major cities in Scotland, as well as the North West, North East and the Midlands of England. Our UK customers can also enjoy lower delivery costs for products shipping from Scotland to other parts of England as the abundance of cargo capacity ensures competitive pricing and high availability.

Leveraging our in-house metal cutting facilities and our sub contracting network of over 200 service providers

Metal Laser Cutting Service

Omnichannel Manufacturing

It is a concept that was brought to life by Omnidex. While most service providers can only offer one or a few areas of expertise and have a hard limit in terms of production capacity, we combine our in-house manufacturing capabilities and those of suppliers to offer an impressive 73 different manufacturing processes, including laser cutting, CNC machining, metal fabrication, metal casting, metal surfacing and more.
By leveraging our facilities and network, we have worked on some of the most challenging manufacturing projects for industry-leading customers around the world.

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Metal Cutting Service We Offer

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Omnidex Castings offers and specialises various metal casting processes, to find out more about our Castings Team and how we can help you, please click HERE for more Information.

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