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How does Plasma Cutting Works?

Plasma Cutting is one of the most widely used techniques to cut thick metal plates while also available for sheet metal. 

How does Plasma Cutting Works?

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What is Plasma Cutting?

plasma cutter
Plasma Cutting is a thermal fabrication process that uses an accelerated jet of superheated plasma to cut through electrically conductive materials (such as steel, aluminum, brass, and copper).

How does CNC Plasma Cutting Works

How does Plasma Cutting Machines Works_plasma & oxy-fuel cuttingOmnidex_Laser_Scotland UK

The plasma jet is generated by creating an electric arc through a gas (compressed air, nitrogen, argon or oxygen, depending on the work piece material), which is then forced into a narrow and focused nozzle. When the arc delivers enough energy to the gas, the gas molecules ionize and turn into plasma. Today's plasma cutters can generate plasma jets up to 20,000°C that travel at about three times the speed of sound to the work piece.

Operating a Plasma Cutting Machine

On striking the work piece’s surface, the arc is transferred to the grounded and conductive workpiece. The material absorbs the energy of the arc and plasma, quickly heating up. Gas is also directed around the cutting area to shield the cut. A modern CNC plasma cutter can accurately melt and vaporize a tiny targeted area, penetrate the material (up to 64mm for the ESPRIT Viper 4000), blow away any molten material, and quickly produce the desired cut on the workpiece. Plasma cutting machines

In order to initiate arcing, plasma cutters use a variety of methods. plasma cutting machines

Conventional plasma cutters use the High-Frequency start method. This is not suitable for a CNC system due to the electrical noise interference created by the process.

Most modern CNC plasma cutting machines / cutters (such as the Viper 4000 which has a Hyperthermia Plasma System) use the Blowback start method instead. A moveable spring-loaded electrode is blown back by air pressure at the start of a cut cycle to ionize the gas and create a pilot arc. The pilot arc is then forced out of the nozzle and transferred to the work piece to create the main arc for cutting.

The electrode and nozzles of plasma cutters are eroded by operation and are considered consumables, requiring regular maintenance and replacement

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Selecting a Plasma Cutter

Omnidex Laser offers Plasma cutting services in Scotland & UK. We are well-established, highly experienced, and equipped with best-in-class industrial machines. Happy to advise that we can move your design rapidly to production, whether sheet metal laser cutting or plasma cut-outs. 

Our plasma cutting facility in Dunfermline Scotland has the incredible capacity and operates the heavy-duty ESPRIT Viper 4000 CNC Plasma and Gas Profile Cutting Machines to produce top quality CNC metal profiling products.

The Viper plasma cutting machine is constructed from precision fabricated and machined components that are fitted with powerful digital AC brushless drives, machine tool grade linear bearings, and direct drive rack and pinion transmissions for precision contouring performance. It is also fitted with both high-definition precision plasma and oxy-fuel cutting heads to provide unparalleled production capabilities. plasma cut

Enjoying the benefits of plasma cutting

A lot of the advantages of plasma cutting are similar to those of laser cutting. When it comes to quality and precision, both systems perform similarly, but Plasma Cutting benefits from its higher production rate and lower costs. 
plasma cut
For a faster and more cost-effective precision machining solution, choosing plasma cut-out parts is definitely a good choice.

If you need higher cutting capabilities, our Viper Plasma Cutting Machine can also perform Oxy-fuel Cutting, which can cut through up to  300mm, thick of materials.

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