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Why choose our Fibre Laser Cutting service?

Industry leading Fibre Laser Cutting equipment

We are equipped with cutting edge laser technology to produce top quality laser cutting products. Our Amada ENSIS-4020AJ (CNC laser cutter) is one of the most powerful flatbed fibre laser cutting machines currently in operation in Scotland.

Greater CNC laser cutter capacity for extra-large and heavy work pieces

Our facilities are designed with serving the local heavy industry in mind. The “Amada ENSIS-4020AJ” Fiber Laser Cutting Machine has a working area of 4070mm*2050mm and can handle up to a 1570kg table load, offer unprecedented machining capacity for all kinds of projects. For more details, please refer to the Specification section below.

Strategically located in the central belt of Scotland, Omnidex Laser Ltd has developed a complex business proposition with the aim of providing the highest quality of metal cutting service together with CNC laser cutters, and the best overall value to our clients across Scotland and the UK.

Metal Laser Cutting UK & Scotland | High Qaulity | Omnidex Laser
Located in Scotland

We are always ready to take on new challenges. With over 43 qualified engineers within the Group and a wide range of practical experience covering all aspects of engineering, product design and development, global sourcing, and all types of metal casting, cutting and metal folding. We are well equipped to accept your challenge.

Metal Laser Cutting UK & Scotland | High Qaulity | Omnidex Laser
Engineering Development
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Check out our precision laser cutting performance video: ​

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Omnidex Laser Team ensures productions are on track and deliver products to meet every customer’s need

Fibre Laser cutting coupled with CNC technology is a highly precise and efficient metal profiling process widely adopted in the manufacturing industry. This cutting method uses a focused high-power laser beam to melt or vaporize the material in a small area to create the desired shape or pattern on a workpiece. This non-contact, thermal-based process can produce intricate patterns with narrow kerfs.

Specification of the Amada ENSIS-4020AJ Fibre Laser Cutting System:

Metals available for Precision Metal Cutting in our Scotland facility:

Feature highlights of the ENSIS-4020AJ

The ENSIS line-up not only controls the beam diameter and focal point. It can also instantly switch between beam mode depending on the material type and thickness throughout the program, no matter what you need to work on, the ENSIS Laser Cutter can get the job done for you.

Our ENSIS model can work on Copper, Brass and a variety of non-ferrous metals up to 20mm, exceeding the capabilities of traditional Fiber laser cutting machines.

The ENSIS machine is integrated with a smart production monitoring system which enables proactive service monitoring, giving you more confidence in our Fiber Laser Cutting service.

Amada is the only manufacturer designing and building their own engine specifically for their own machine line-up, ensuring higher compatibility and reliability.

Our machine can create highly visible part marking on mild steel, visible even after painting.

The ENSIS machine can enable Ultra-thin Beam Mode for better piercing performance, than instantly switching back to thicker beam modes for stable cutting.

Quick automatic nozzle changing feature allows the machine to tackle a whole range of materials, giving you more flexibility.

The system can monitor cut quality by measuring plasma level, and start cutting immediately once the material is completely pierced.

Water Assisted Cutting System enables reliable processing of thicker mild steel. It can also cool the material, allowing sequential processing, better material sheet utilisation and prolongs nozzle life.

Reduces spatter for more reliable piercing / cutting on mid-range mild steel, producing smaller holes, while improving cut quality.

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